unbridled discovery

raw truth.  full engagement.  deep love.  self-expression.  liberation.   that’s what we do here.

Hi there.  I’m Kymberlee della Luce, MA.Ed., creatrx of Unbridled Expression where we learn about liberating ourselves through self-expression–together.   Compassion, juicy questions, deep listening, some sass, intuition, and playfulness are some of the things I to bring to my work.

I’m an interdisciplinary artist, educator and creative catalyst.  I perform and tell stories and help others discover and honor their own story through  e-courses, and workshops.  I work with people who are restless and hungry for a more authentic expression of life.  Whether I’m teaching, writing plays or poetry, blogging, performing or creating visual art, I’m doing it with the intention to heal and liberate.  This is my heartfelt soul work and I’m honored to share it with you.

my background

I’ve been an artist most of my life.  I’ve been either teaching or leading something for over 20 years.  I’ve taught music and art to children, worked with homeless and incarcerated women in transitional housing facilities and taught adults as a corporate trainer. I am a graduate of the Expressive Arts Training Institute and a Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner. I was a featured presenter at the 2004 and 2006 National Expressive Therapy Association conference.   I received my Bachelor’s degree from Antioch University Seattle which gave me a fabulous foundation in social justice, whole systems thinking and a deepened understanding of art and life.  I went back to Antioch and graduated with a Masters in Education in 2016.

Like many artists, I’m a wounded healer and my ear is close to the Unconscious.  I’ve also walked through the fire of transformation.  I am passionate about the value of self-expression and living authentically because I know the pain of trying to live up to the expectations imposed by others.   I spent many years trying to be someone I wasn’t and telling people what they wanted to hear before I awakened to my unique beauty, found my voice and began to live my own truth.

some of my soul roles:

I’m a mom.  I wasn’t one of those “I just have to have a baby” women.  I ended up having two delightful cHolden’s.  This experience changed my life and opened the door to the woman I am today.  Parenting has taught me the beauty of the prefix “co”(co-operative, collaborate, communicate…)

I’m an interdisciplinary artist.   My work is a bricolage of various artistic and academic disciplines.  I write, sing, act, and engage in experimental and often participatory art projects that are shaped by my studies in Depth Psychology and other ways of knowing.

I’m a creative catalyst.  I help make things happen through asking good questions, listening deeply and challenging assumptions.  I tend to work with innovators and highly creative people because it’s a good fit.

I’m a playful philosopher.  As a self-titled “Celebrator of Life”,  I love ecstatic poetry, jumping in mud puddles with my children, laughing, playing and capturing the beauty of the world with my camera.  I have always been drawn to mystery and keep peering into to see what I’ll find. I believe that life is not to be taken seriously but that everything has meaning.

I’m an activist. I believe that revolution needs to happen but I don’t believe it has to be bloody.  My personal brand of activism is being a truth-talking lovemonging teaching artist. For the past ten years, I’ve been focusing on the war in my own heart and sharing what I’ve learned in my own unbridled way.  I’d love you to join me.

my offerings might be for you if:

  • You’ve experienced the pain of not feeling like you fit in or of being “too much”.
  • You have a deeply instinctual nature.
  • The words Unbridled Expression resonate for you.
  • Circles and spirals make more sense than boxes and labels
  • You’re tired of creative sabotage and want to finish (or start!) that project that’s been kicking around in your heart.
  • You are hungry for a more soulful and nourishing life.
  • You know that joy and peace are possible but aren’t sure how to find or get back there when things are falling apart. (my specialty)

Sound like you?  My offerings are made for you.  What I am creating is a safe space for you to explore your most unbridled self, find and tell your stories and get connected with your heart.

Thank you for being here and being you.

“The important thing is not to
think much, but to love much;
and so, do that which best
stirs you to love.”

~Saint Teresa of Avila