Kymberlee della Luce


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bricolage project day 19 [be]

Today’s randomly-chosen word is be and comes from The Quantum and the Lotus by Matthieu Ricard & Trinh Xuan Thuan.  It’s a fascinating exploration of the intersection of Western science and Buddhist philosophy.   I cannot more highly recommend this book.  Turns out, I’m in good company: The Quantum and the Lotus is the rich and…

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like honey sunlight

              The way your voice fills the room like honey sunlight your tongue touching a certain place in your mouth– I lean in. (aching) Words spill recklessly from your beautiful mouth unfiltered and weighted, the pressure of them sticks to me no–not the pressure, the power it has a…

(shadow dance)

her fingers so soft on tight flesh sinuously stroking the deepest innerworkings (shadow dance) his complexities and contradictions had her wanting more the deep empty beckoned erotically entangled in the black, hollow void stripped bare of personal desire mesmerized and aching the stillness pulling and engulfing wet madness dripping off the edges union became a…

an eternal ellipses

she waits with an eternal ellipses like still water after a storm Animus lunges forward toward her stillness –ready ready to receive his turgid embrace delicious Divine dance tantric transmutation they merge exhaling whispered longing circling back to their unknown, unspoken joy she waits with an eternal ellipses like still water after a storm ***…

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