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I walked quietly
through the gate
and happened
upon a mourning dove

Alas, I scared her away

wild creature
waited warily
but patiently
until it was safe to return

I, keeping my distance,
wanting her to know
I meant no harm

and return she did!

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Stillness in Movement

Stillness in Movement

The stillness
in stillness
is not
the real stillness

Only when
there is stillness
in movement
can the spiritual rhythm appear
which pervades
heaven and earth.

This is the place in which I have been living for quite some time. I haven’t been sitting much and haven’t been at the computer to update this blog. Through the process of moving my home, moving my body much more often and feeling more and more alive as I separate from my partner of 20 years, I have found an inner stillness and a profound strength that I have never felt before. I feel a part of the movement of the universe as I allow the process of death and rebirth to live within me.

This transformation is sublime.