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out with autumn, in with winter

in this time between seasons
as the wheel turns
and the days darken,
the cold becomes turgid
then flaccid
and again–

disorienting to this body
that craves comfort.

on a pilgrimage
in the forest
i am held
and feel the soft earth
‘neath my feet.

my warm breath
is a bouquet of white flowers
greeting the cold.

i am mostly alone
save fellow travelers
with their canine companions.

all greet me
with pleasure
and i, them
with delight.

traveling onward
i notice i choose
the more difficult path–
the steeper hill,
or the place where obstacles
challenge me.

stacking stones
for other pilgrims,
I set magical intentions
with each stone I carefully

talking to the trees,
my heart weeps
with gladness
at the sheer beauty,
and grace
being alive.

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so much goodness

Thanksgiving Day

falling snow
delicious coffee
breakfast with my babies
making a mini movie
working out

fabulous friends
laughter and more laughter
an abundance of food and wine
meta practice for lovingkindness
an oddly slotted quail
new faces to love
learning to crack walnuts with my hands
Ripley’s Believe it or Not with J and JB
having dessert delivered
no football

so much goodness. so much grace.

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a snowy day

ladybugs in the snow

My day began in darkness. I padded out to the kitchen to put the water on for coffee, noticing the blanket of stillness tucked all around the morning. As I waited for the water to boil, I let my skin drink in the moonlight that was eagerly gushing through the windows and let my mind rest in the stillness.

Stillness continued to follow me throughout the day. One perfect, icy blossom was delivered in small, gloved hands whilst I sipped my coffee. My heart was caressed with peace brought on silvers of light that danced with dappled shadows from the brightness outside.

Pink cheeks to kiss were nestled in blond locks and little fingers needed warming.

The quiet beauty of the day finally beckoned me outside. My ladybug boots carry me through the cold stillness outside first to the mailbox with a small hand nestled in mine and later down the hill on a sled while my heart soared with pure joy.

Tears of joy and deep recognition came through the stillness of the airwaves while I talked to E on the phone and we reveled in the depth of our friendship and love for one another.

Love came with with the light reflected off the pale face of sister moon and continued to flow through the fibers of my being. Love lingered in the dark swirl of my coffee and swelled up in the clarity that comes with an untroubled heart.

The white, crystalline carpet still glistens outside my window and Love stays with me now as darkness gets tucked under my chin in the stillness of the night.

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“Don’t pack whatever is easiest or most available into the emptiness. Hold out for the right medicine. You will recognize it because it makes your life stronger rather than weaker.” ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

and ever emptier

closes in around her

the cold, icy mantle

the truth
her beauty will reveal

content within herself

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to the promise
of a new day

shower, etc.
(black boots, black tunic, grey skirt, pink scarf)
(hair up with teardrop silver earrings)

kids to school
to the cafe to work
(triple tall americano with cream.)

red leaves swirling in the icy gale
chatting up the man next to me
in the dark, grey sweater
i tell him it’s the perfect sweater
for a perfectly cold, autumn day
(he agrees)

a friend comes in
bringing a blast of cold air
and the promise of a poem
(she remembered. it was lovely.)

to the school
making applesauce for hungry families
with laughing, singing children
playful service work
and bountiful joy

lunch with a friend
(turkey sandwich.)

back to the cafe to work
(jasmine pearl tea.)
the barista talks about how it’s quiet
(too quiet. he wishes people talked more.)
(i tell him i talk and i like getting inside to the layers beneath.)

so we talk for a bit
i lean in, ask him questions about himself
“what do you do besides work here?”
“nothing, really.”
(note that this could be conversation stopper.)
(but i am indefatigable and i sense he needs the encouragement of light against his being)
“what else? you must do something.”)
“yes,” says he
[insert 20 minutes of what else he does which is all very interesting, benevolent and quite cutting edge]
[he also loves to golf.]
(his name is Patrick.)

i work at my computer for a bit
make a few calls
then go pick up daughter #2 from school
(i am stunned by the new chill in the air. winter is coming.)

back to the cafe
to wait for daughter #1 to get off the bus
(drip coffee.)
i play hangman with daughter #2
and help Patrick with a crossword
(i am thoroughly enjoying my day by now.)

home with the daughters
‘neath dark clouds infused with glimmers of light
to eat dinner
drink red wine
and settle in

as winter closes in around us
(life is deliciously perfect.)