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Play [or maybe west is up?]

I’m doing a week of reading deprivation (including e-mail!) as part of the Artist’s Way process. It’s been amazingly good for my creativity and I am learning A LOT about how I spend my time and why. I’ve been doing more of the following life-affirming things:


Here’s to balance!

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My (ever-expanding) Joy List

Light through Beauty

Over the past couple of months, I have made a couple of lists of things that make me giddy or bring me joy. Part of my work with conscious creation is to “flip my switch” to raise my vibration. Naming the things that make me feel good and posting them where I can see them reminds me to DO them more often. I’ve found since I began this practice, I not only feel good much of the time but more good things are happening in my life. Here are some of the many things that work for me:

  • Loving in its myriad forms
  • Photography
  • Friendship
  • Flirting
  • Play!
  • Flowers
  • Creating Beauty
  • Writing/Journaling
  • Stomping in mud puddles
  • A delicious cup of coffee
  • Tasting the sweat of a lover (and all that created that sweat)
  • Squishing my toes in mud
  • Word play
  • Being completely goofy and making fart jokes, crazy sounds and faces with my kids (or my friends) until our stomaches hurt from laughing (a/k/a Being SILLY)
  • Watching my children laugh and play with each other.
  • Kissing sticky, PB&J cheeks.
  • Heart connection
  • Soul-merging sex
  • A good hair cut and color
  • Body care
  • Buying art supplies (the thrill of acquisition is a common theme in my life..hmmmmmm)
  • Being alone. I love my own company.
  • Petting a dog (or a person for that matter)
  • Reading ecstatic poetry (including my buddy Walt Whitman), especially out loud to an intimate
  • Savoring a small piece of really good, dark chocolate
  • Making love with a piece of fruit (this isn’t how it sounds. eating fruit is highly erotic and sensual to me)
  • A crisp, clean, new blank journal
  • Moleskin journals. Oh! The flow, the smell, the history….
  • Being in love
  • Listening to the birds sing
  • The smell of spring rain
  • Dancing my ass off
  • Dappled sunlight dancing on the floor, the walls, my naked body…I love the interplay of shadow and light
  • Bare feet in damp grass
  • Cultivating mystery
  • Feeling deep compassion for another soul
  • Singing to an audience
  • Making sand castles
  • Driving with music cranked, bass thumping and windows down
  • Finding beach glass
  • Tumbling in the grass with my kids
  • Riding a horse, bareback and bridle free
  • Climbing trees
  • Dressing up
  • Painting (watercolors especially)
  • Picking wildflowers
  • Smelling and experiencing herbs
  • Puttering in my garden
  • Hiking
  • Moonbathing
  • Having parties “just because”
  • Supporting my friends in achieving their dreams
  • The smell and feel of freshly washed sheets
  • The smell of newly mown grass (oh yes, I do love that)
  • The smell of a lover
  • The way tequila feels in my body. I am fire.
  • Plunging my tongue deeply into the experience of Life and tasting all the flavors.