Kymberlee della Luce

unbridled expression

aunbridledre you ready to dream bigger and live life a little closer to the edge of your longing?

Between glossy magazine ads and bloated to-do lists, we sometimes lose our sense of our self.   This creates a longing for something deeper, more passionate and more true.  This class is for adults who hunger for a more instinctual way of being and a more ecstatic experience in life.

If you long for more of the raw truth and beauty that you know life offers and you have dreams, stories, or other creations that want to howl through you, this is where you need to be.  Come home to yourself in this 6 week class.

what does the class include?

  • Weekly downloadable lessons in PDF format including adventure prompts, juicy questions and heartstorming sessions to help excavate your yearnings, awaken your senses and get you connected to your deeper truth.
  • Weekly audio downloads including interviews, stories and guided meditations.
  • Online access to a password-protected Unbridled Expression community where you can share, support and discuss with each other.
  • Daily inspiration on the blog to keep the river flowing.
  • When you’re finished with the course, you will have a full workbook and 6 MP3s that you can keep coming back to for inspiration and a new community of fellow adventurers.

what will I need and how much time will it take?

You’ll need a computer to sign up via Paypal and download the weekly lessons.  To get the most from the Unbridled Expression workbook, you’ll want to have a color printer.  You’ll definitely want a journal (a composition book is just fine), some pens or crayons, a glue stick and some magazines.  More than anything, you’ll need a willingness to dive in, get a little messy, and have some fun.

As for time, it doesn’t take that much time but it does take committed time.  You’re probably here because you’re ready to make a commitment to yourself and to live out your broader story.  That’s fabulous!

when do the sessions begin?

Starts January 9, 2017.  6 weeks $97. Register today.

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso