the golden thread 1 online arts experience


Lifetime access to the video of The Golden Thread 1 online arts experience.

Purchase lifetime access to The Golden Thread 1, a wildly successful interdisciplinary online arts experience that has been called both “fabulously defiant creativity” and “a much needed break”.

The Golden Thread online arts experience includes:

Arts venues are closed in light of public health concerns around COVID-19, but community, dialogue, and fulfillment through the arts WILL persist and our artists WILL thrive!

10% of the profits from your order will be donated to Real Rent Duwamish.

Whether you missed the chance to see the show or just found out about it, we’ve made this event available for you.  After ordering, you will receive access information to download  the 2+ hour video that aired live on April 18, 2020.

Then just sit back, relax, and allow us to entertain you with music, poetry, theater, and art.

Thank you for supporting the arts.

Enjoy the show!

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