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transformation coaching 6 session package

Do you feel the call? The deep wellspring of creative power inside each of you is waiting to be expressed. This power can be hard to access depending on our social conditioning including our family of origin, education and work environment.  Transformation coaching with Kymberlee will help you own this power, clear the blocks that keep you from accessing it and help you embrace your most authentic, empowered self in a safe, liberatory space.

intuitive and individualized

I work one-on-one with a select group of clients.  The transformation coaching I do is intuitive and individualized.  If you are going through a transition, have a creative block or need to finish a big project, this is for you.  I am highly skilled at helping you overcome the obstacles that keep you from moving forward.

If you’ve found your way to me, you are ready to go to the next level in your life.  You’re ready to step into your power and get in touch with your authentic self but aren’t sure how to get there. You might be in the middle of a life or career transition and need a compassionate witness, a catalyst, and tools to help you make it through.

transformation coaching can help you:

  • Find your creative voice.
  • Move you towards sustainable prosperity.
  • Bring calm and centeredness to your nervous system.
  • Move through times of intensity.
  • Learn to take compassionate action in your life.

This is your moment. The times we live in are asking you to articulate and take action on your latent dreams that are waiting to be expressed and create the life you came here to live.

You will not only experience unmatched unmatched continuity and transformation by investing in 6 sessions,  you also send a powerful message to your subconscious that you matter.  (You do.)

After you make your payment, schedule your appointments to get started.  

I look forward to working with you.



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