we can do hard things (with ease) is an online course and community with Kymberlee della Luce

we can do hard things (with ease)

do you want to live a life with with more creativity, ease and connection?

Get the guidance and practical tools you need in this powerful online experience! 

we can do hard things (with ease) is an online course and community intended as a balm for your harried heart and some juice for your aspirations. This course exists to help you reclaim your magic, relax your nervous system, help you name and claim your worth, and aid you in taking steps towards transformation and liberation at your own pace.  The days of bullying are over, including the bullying we do to ourselves.  We’re living in a time where the inner encourager is ready to be heard. Your best life is crafted through gentle determination and compassionate action.  This course will help you get there.  

This class is for you if:

  • You feel alone.
  • You’re exhausted.
  • You forgot what it feels like to relax.
  • You have a hard thing you want to do but it feels scary.
  • The world feels overwhelming but you know you still need to be in it.
  • You’re often hard on yourself, making change feel impossible.
  • You want to be in your body, not in your computer.
  • You’re not a fan of the word “bootcamp”.
  • You want more joy and play in your life.
  • You need help getting started.
  • You need help keeping going.
  • You want to thrive, not strive.

We will be harnessing the energy previously used struggling against change to fuel positive forward  movement in our lives.  As you move, you find support.  Each small action builds the structure to support you in your life.  Each moment of checking in with your own inner guidance system—your intuition—helps you to heal and find the path to the answers you seek. 

Together we will:

  • Allow new ways of feeling, being, and seeing.
  • Work on our own transformation in a circle of support.
  • Change our pathways to align with our values and goals.
  • Claim our intuition as the powerful gift it is.
  • Discover what is sacred in our lives.
  • Learn and use new tools.
  • Play and have fun.

doing hard things doesn’t always mean hard work

The colonizing overculture has us believing that there is one, right way to do life and one right way to be. This isn’t true. “Hard work” doesn’t always pay off and doesn’t always help us do hard things because the system around us isn’t set up to reward everyone equally. Denying the truth of that only leads to more oppression and to folx oppressing themselves internally. Let’s stop that. Together. There is another way forward.

we can choose our own path.

we can do hard things (with ease) is a space to coax out your inner longing, let your shoulders drop, and allow yourself to unfold with tools for navigating the complexity of life manageably and with clarity and intention.  

By design, there is less to read and more to experience. The content is concise, intentional and filled with doses of beauty. This course is designed as a kind of choose-your-own adventure.  It’s non-linear so work through the 21 modules in whatever way you wish.  You can linger with one or repeat as you wish. 

here’s what’s included…

21 Audio Lessons

21 Modules Filled with Tools, Guidance, and Inspiration

4 Bonus Guided Meditations

Downloadable PDF Worksheets

Bonus Lesson on Visual Journaling

Access to a Private Facebook Group offering Community and Connection

you get this sweet bundle for just $197

Listen to a module snippet below…

Kymberlee della Luce

Kymberlee della Luce is an interdisciplinary artist, transformation teacher, and creative catalyst. They dwell at the intersection of compassion and action and have been creating and facilitating for over 25 years.

Kymberlee holds a Masters of Arts in Education and is a Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner. She is on a mission to create a more joyfully connected global community steeped in equity and authenticity.

“Kymberlee has knowing and no doubts in the profound and possible healings that self-expression births. Her diverse and richly eclectic content whetted the divine appetite of truth-telling.  Space was wide, yet structured. I felt cared for and safe in her clarity of instruction.” ~Nan D.

“Working with Kymberlee had a profound effect on my daughter!  Last year, when my daughter needed a mentor for a Middle School project involving acting and self expression, I thought at once of Kymberlee, though I hadn’t seen her in years. She understands teenage girls ‘on the inside’ and the teenage girls inside all of us.  Her work expands self-awareness in two directions, simultaneously teasing out connections with self expression and social awareness.”  ~Cori A.

“Working with Kymberlee deepened my self awareness and strengthened my skills as an actor. Our work also helped me to start noticing little things about everything around me (people, characters, inanimate objects, etc.). If it weren’t for my work with Kymberlee, I wouldn’t be as conscious of everything around and inside of me as I am today.”  ~Mitzi A.

“With Kymberlee I was challenged to be more real, more earnest, and more creative than at almost any other time of my life. It was as if someone gave me permission to be a child. To walk into a terrifying place called, “The Truth About Myself.” To open my heart to the unknown.”  ~Neil M.

everything is going to be okay