songbirds: stories of survival

Songbirds: Stories of Survivors

The multimedia art project Songbirds: Stories of Survivors is dedicated to my mother, Jeri, who was a survivor of domestic violence. She had a beautiful singing voice and, like most women, struggled to find her voice and be heard. She was my songbird.

Songbirds: Stories of Survivors is not only a tribute to her but a project created to offer a circle of healing, empowerment, and sustainable prosperity to women whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence, including my own matrilineal line. We focus on resilience and inspiration. We would love to hear your song.

This is how it works:

1.) Participants will share their story here.

2.) I will create a piece of multimedia collage art based on their survival story to offer beauty, healing, and inspiration. The art and stories from those who give consent will be published in an anthology.

3.) The art will be sold in my shop. 20% of net proceeds will be sent quarterly to Free From, an organization working towards restorative justice. They, “envision a world where survivors have sustaining income, savings and credit with which to build wealth and the resources to support individual, intergenerational and community healing.”

Here’s a sampling of some works-in-progress. They are waiting for your song.

Please share freely. We want to hear more voices!