Kymberlee della Luce


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fore bidden

FORE now so vulnerable our diversity being ignored entitlement reigns (rains) evidence- science- based (base) //drop the bass 808 33″ not 45 in your face// my transgendered son once a fetus now burgeoning manhood facing future (not forbidden) welcomed bidden (prayed for) received loved bright sun (son) future BIDDEN My response to 45’s “forbidden” words….

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fractal wound

vulnerability soft folds (ripped open) revealing deep slash bound peer into darkness (infinite landscape) fractal wound binding like a river winding through a canyon he saw all worlds contained we both saw Her here. now. Ekphrastic poem inspired by the Hana Hamplová: Meditations on Paper exhibit at The Frye Art Museum.   I saw it once, alone,…

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