Tuning In

Being True

I know that some people really struggle with the concept of being true to themselves as though it is selfish to BE who you came into this world to be or live as you choose. Once we start doing this and are really loving our lives, we are in flow and more of what we desire comes to us. The Universe is just waiting to bring us what we most desire. The key is tuning into the voice of our Higher Self rather than our ego. I think that is where the confusion lies. In my experience, the thing that really happens when we ignore those inner urgings is that our Spirit is going to win anyway. If you really need to turn away from the world to get clear about your purpose and do some inner excavation and you continue to ignore it, you may end up in the hospital or on an extended stay at home for bedrest so you do not as a “punishment” but a wake up call, an opportunity. I have found it’s best to pay attention.

The ecstatic poet, Kabir, has this to say. Keep in mind that he lived 500 years ago so his wording around “God” is a bit different than mine or possibly yours. The message however, is the same:

He who cared for you whilst you were
yet in your mother’s womb,
Shall He not care for you now that you
are come forth?

Oh my heart, how could you turn from
the smile of your Lord and wander
so far from Him?

You have left your Beloved and are
thinking of others: and this is
why all your work is in vain.

When we turn away from our Spirit, from that inner voice inside that is urging us to create some space and time for ourselves in which to create or that part of ourselves that wants to go outside and move for a little bit or rest and take a nap to rejuvenate–when we turn away from this, we are turning away from our Spirit. We are truly co-creators of our own reality. Sonia Choquette recommends that we treat our ego as the family pet. We can feed it and care for it but don’t let it run the show.

If we let our Spirit be in charge, we can’t go wrong. That’s why I do Transformation Coaching with people. I know the pain of not listening and the joy of tuning in I want to help people learn how to listen to that voice rather that stay in that stuck place managing life from an inauthentic place. Here are a few tools for opening the channel to Spirit and letting our guides speak to us.

  • Meditate in whatever form works for you. Writing, sitting, walking, dancing…whatever. Just tune in, pay attention and don’t let your “critical parent” voice take over.
  • Self-nurturing. The more we loves ourselves, the more Love will flow to and through us. The more we love ourselves, the more we will feel worthy of receiving the good that is there waiting.
  • Chat with your Inner Child. Write questions for it with your dominant hand and let your non-dominant hand answer. You may be VERY surprised with what comes out. The key here is to listen to the answers.
  • Pay attention to your feelings. If you are not following your truest path, you will probably not feel so good. Our emotions are here to inform us not run our lives. If you are bored with your life, something needs to change. If you are sad, let the sad flow out so it can be replaced with grace. Anger often means that we are really not getting what we need and something needs to change. It also means that passion is right there waiting to be channeled. Let your emotions inform you. You can only do this if you are in touch with them. Journaling is an excellent start for this. Spending 20-30 minutes every day letting yourself free write your feelings, ideas and perceptions will change your life.

This morning, I ran across this great quote from Leo Buscaglia which really underscores all of this.

“The easiest thing in the world to be is you.
The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be.
Don’t let them put you in that position.”

Amen! The thing to note is that the you we’re talking about it You. Isn’t it time?

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