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Something very new is being born in me. I am tired of hype. Tired of excess, of lying, hypocrisy, and greed. I see this powerful statement by Keri Smith as very positive. You will be hearing much more from me in the next month. In the meantime, read this and check out this and consider where and how you are pandering to corporate greed.

Are you a former guerrilla artist who used to paint question marks on signs and now works for a bloated corporation who is making a profit by suckering in the public? What changed? Are you willing to alter a little something now to make room for grace?

Do you profess your desire to make the planet “come alive” with your healing offerings but shun the blood, sweat and tears of doing real intimate work with the people in your life? (I’ve done that before.)

Are you brand conscience? I bought into the hype about branding and will be changing that in my offerings. I am seeing now that it’s just a form a manipulation. I don’t want to be on either side of that equation, thanks.

I am tired of seeing ads for shoes in Oprah’s magazine that cost $1,500. Are they made by brown people making $2 a day? Is half the shit used to sell her magazine made in factories by people who aren’t allowed to smile? She does a lot of good in the world but I am not convinced it’s helpful to all. Let’s think about it. Further, let’s do something about it.

Let’s not “smoke for the cure” or “buy an iPod for Aids”. Let’s not buy a $500 handbag because Oprah has one so that she can go build a school somewhere. Let’s love each other. Let’s take back our lives, look into each other’s eyes and heal the world, not one dollar at a time but one soul at a time.

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