connection not collection

frozen in time

Night before last my furnace stopped working. The repair person couldn’t come out until today so I was without heat over 24 hours. It is in the low thirties here in Seattle and I live in an old house with single paned windows so it’s been cold and drafty, to say the least. As I sat here yesterday working, my fingers like icicles on the keyboard, I had a realization about how cold it must be outside during the winter.

I’ve volunteered at homeless shelters and I’ve seen homeless people on the street but it just never truly occurred to me until yesterday how very cold they must be. I don’t have a lot of resources currently but I decided to do what I could and just take some action. I gathered up some extra scarves and a hat and bought some fleece blankets that were on sale at a local department store and drove into the city last night with my girls and their dad. We drove until we found some people who looked like they needed some warmth and gave our offerings. Two women squealed with girlish delight when I gave them some scarves that had been sitting at the bottom of my drawer. The hand-knitted wool had I bought at Ten Thousand Villages few years ago was gratefully taken by a lovely gentleman with kind eyes and the brand-new fleece blankets still rolled up were treated as treasures by each recipient. It brought me immense pleasure to see their happiness.

Sometimes big problems seem so insurmountable and it seems like there is just nothing we can really do to help. I decided last night to just do whatever I could because it matters. WE matter. We all deserve to have a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. We all deserve warmth and love.

On New Year’s Eve, I asked a homeless man who had engaged me in conversation if he wanted a hug. He said yes and we embraced lovingly. He said, “May the Great Spirit give you a big hugga bugga whenever you need it the most.” Those are the moments when I see God.

Tonight, a blanket of snow covers Seattle. My furnace is back on and I sit here in jammy bottoms and a tank top. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to be where I’m at. I hope those dear souls I met last are staying warm enough tonight. I am thinking of them and sending them my love.

Whether it’s a cup of coffee, some soup, a blanket or a hug, I’m going to give what I can when I can because Love is all that truly matters. Material possessions and “achievements” pale in comparison to the moments of soul to soul contact we make in moments where we are just sharing our love with each other. Like John said tonight, “Connection matters more than collection.” Indeed.

Here’s to finding more and more ways to connect RIGHT NOW with each other on this beautiful planet that we call home.

“In this life we cannot do great things.
We can only do small things with great love.

-Mother Theresa

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