I spent about two hours last night untangling a sk…

I spent about two hours last night untangling a skein of beautiful chenille yarn that became a tangled mess because I neglected to roll it into a ball when I first took the wrapping off. (Such a novice, I am.)

Normally, I haven’t the patience to sit that long and do such tedious work. As long as I remembered to breathe deeply, I found it extremely relaxing to untangle it bit by bit and roll it up nicely. If I pulled too hard on a piece, the rest would tighten up and make the seemingly endless knots that much worse. This exercise was very meditative and made me realize how similar to life it is. If you can take things slowly, you create less knots. If you tighten up, everything else tightens up also. If you can work with the energy rather than against it, everything flows.

Life’s problems often must be untangled this way. By slowly working your way back to the root of the entanglement, by not pulling too hard, by letting go of your desire for a timeline and letting it flow, eventually, you find your way out of the big mess that was created quite by accident.

Now I get to chose what I’m going to knit out of this beautiful raw material.

I send you the courage and tenacity to untangle the knots of your life. May you find ever more ways to weave beauty into life’s tapestry.

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