Olfactory Inspiration

I wish adults would allow juice to stay on their cheeks the way toddlers do. (I suspect more cheeks would be kissed if we did.) I was kissing my little muse today and smelled the strawberries she had for breakfast that were all over her cheeks. I closed my eyes and let my spirit soar through the many memories related to that delicious smell. I recall a handful of perfectly ripe berries I ate at a bed and breakfast last summer, one of which I rubbed into the pages of my journal so that I wouldn’t forget that moment of blissful sensuality. I rubbed those berries all over my arms and let them kiss my lips like a lover. I enjoyed every delicious, juicy morsel as though I was making love to them. Including strawberries in lovemaking is another memory but I’ll keep it clean here. 😉

Smelling those little cheeks also reminded me of homemade strawberry ice cream in my youth, of picking tiny alpine strawberries with my oldest child and of the wonderful homemade strawberry shortcake that my grandma makes for my mom for her birthday each year.

Recalling these memories brings me to a higher vibration and helps my spirit soar. Because of today’s cheek kissing I have another memory in my pyschic data bank that will flood in the next time I breathe the essence of strawberries.

May we all let our senses call forth beautiful memories and help us create new ones that will elevate our spirits to a higher vibration of love.

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