Open to the Mystery

Freedom Cry

I made this last year as part of my own healing journey. I recently sent it out into the Universe to someone who needs it far more than I. I was reminded of it today during my morning prayers. I am using a newly interpreted version of the Lord’s Prayer which includes the line “Let me lean into the mystery.” That’s where the juice is. Here’s the prayer for anyone who is interested which I got from the Center for Spiritual Living’s website.

(Interpretation of Emma Curtis Hopkins by Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis)

Father, Mother God within and without, with and through and as all things
Your Kingdom ~ it is come.
And your will is done in me now.
Your will is my will and my will is your will.
For I know that the divine will is always for Good and a greater good than I can conceive of.
Your Good is not only good for me it is good for all people.
I will to will God’s will.
And give me this day everything I need.
Give me the Wisdom, the support, the intelligence, the supply, the friendship, the encouragement, the Love, the embrace, the memory, the Creativity.
Let me go through the day filled and overflowing, and so secure in who and what I am because of you, oh Father, Mother, God.
Give for my emptiness and my receptivity thy fullness.
May I be filled with your glory always.
And may I know it and may others know it that they may remember their connection with you.
Forgive my lack of confidence to command the law.
Remind me that I am the Spirit and the law responds to that which is spiritual within me.
Let me be an heir to the kingdom right now, speaking my word and having my word made flesh and manifest and may it be for good for I am filled with good because my will is your will and I trust myself.
I trust my prayers.
And don’t let me enter temptation (to believe the worst, to forget who I am, to be lazy.)
Don’t let me turn to that which is easy and material and familiar.
Let me lean into the mystery.
Let me lean into the invisible.
Let me be lifted on wings of angels and high thoughts.
And keep me, keep me from all wrong thinking.
May I think on things that are loving and inclusive all the time.
May I be a place where God’s presence, Peace and Joy shows up.
And to God, and to God be the Glory.
And may the blessings be without end to myself, to everyone around me and to my planet.

May I be of benefit to everyone.

And So It Is.

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