random thoughts on my current state of awareness

I have been synthesizing a lot of late. I have been walking more and more squarely into developing my psychic awareness and living a more spirit-led life. This means consciously choosing pretty much everything and living in a place of open surrender. It means when things don’t feel quite right, I have to listen. It means tuning in to my Higher Self and tuning out the myriad voices in the external world. It’s filled with amazing grace and not without pain.

I have called this experience to myself as I wish to live an inspired life, not a life of ego-led, ego-feeding complacency. I wish to serve the Greater Good always and, as such, I must listen to the call of my heart. I have found that this is not a popular choice. It is, however, deeply rewarding.

I endeavor these days to be spiritual, not act spiritual and I have a much deeper sense of peace as a result. A peace that comes not from rejecting shadow but integrating it. A peace that comes from seeing others as the souls they are not the role they play in my life. This expands my awareness exponentially and helps me with one of the biggest aspects of my own shadow: judgment.

Forgiving, releasing, integrating, accepting, being…

Walking in Love.

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