i have kissed you in many mouths

This beautiful poem arrived in my email box tonight.

The words make me ache with something…like reaching for fingertips but not quite getting there or continually being on the edge of an orgasm…

it’s beautiful.

the scent of desire

by Martin Challis

I have kissed you in many mouths;
those hunted doorways
like children from school.

I have tasted you
but not found you,
you’ve been elsewhere;
the curl of your tongue
forming a ribbon in wind.

The cut of your hair
tied into shapes
I could make with my hands.
Your voice;
breezes in phrases
I reach for their possible echo.

I have waited to bend you
into my smile, how
my mouth has made its reasons
for wanting the shape
of your name,
and the marriage of words
I have learnt
just to speak of you.

I have called for you
devoured air for you
devoured my name
and not found you.

Are you there friend
now or waiting,
or passing as a ribbon in wind
curling slowly
to the tip
of my tongue.

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