The Storm has Passed [or feng shui of the heart]

A storm blew through Seattle a couple of days again with winds reported at 70 mph. A storm like this creates a lot of damage but also offers cleaner air, blue skies and a fresh feeling of newness.

I’ve been co-creating an intense, fiery storm for the past several months. It’s over now and I feel the mix of sadness, hope and cleansing that comes with the end of a relationship. As I try to make sense of it all and move forward with my life, I’m doing a lot of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical housecleaning. It feels very good.

Today, many things are being put in order. I cleaned up the branches and leaves that were scattered everywhere, washed windows, put my office in order, updated my web pages as well as many other things.

I found this little, tattered quote from Oprah’s magazine which I had cut out long ago. The words are from Oprah herself.

“If you feel incomplete, you alone must fill yourself with love
in all your empty, shattered spaces.”

I also found these affirmations from my therapist tucked away in a drawer. This was truly a gift from my angels today:

“You are not responsible for bad things that happen to other people.”
“You are not alone.”

I am filing for divorce this week. While I am mourning what could have been with many different relationships, I am facing the future with hope and with peace in my heart.

I am gathering the strength to fill myself with love. My empty, shattered spaces need it. (At least my car is cleaned, my windows washed and my office is ready for action. 😉

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