We are all such tender beings. So much fear, hurt, excitement, love, joy, and myriad other feelings run through us on any given day. I was talking to a friend yesterday and expressing how very safe I feel with him. As I talked about the beauty of this, I began to cry. With concern, he asked me where my tears were coming from. I told him that I cry when something is precious to me. Tears of joy are frequent in my pyschic landscape.

I realized that children don’t really understand crying when you’re happy. I imagine this has to do with how freely they express all emotions. There is very little repressed joy (or anger, or sadness or anything else) inside of them so it isn’t like a dam bursting when it is finally being felt as it can be for many adults. I revel in the authenticity and transparency of children. I cherish the friends in my life with whom I have mutual transparency. This can happen with there is emotional safety. Once this safety is present, it is no longer scary to let our truest emotions out to play.

May we all have the courage to be our most authentic selves; to cry and laugh and love with abandon and may we all make it safe for one another to do so.

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