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bruises of different sorts


I do.

I do bruise easily.

I often like bruises in strategic places on my body but on my heart, not so much.

The words that both scare the fuck out of me and that I most want to hear (with the right person) are:

“When can I see you again?”

I feel so vulnerable when I hear them. I want to love again. I want to be loved again. I want to let my heart be soft and trust that I won’t be hurt or, most especially, that I won’t hurt another. I hear those words and wonder if it will all be too good to be true and it will all go away.

But I am going to trust anyway.

Someone who knows how to deliver one bruise and not the other is worth opening for.

I’ve finally gotten clear enough to see how the “caution” tape is just my own fear and bravado but sometimes I just don’t feel strong enough to rip it off, you know?

The right person will help me take the tape off a little bit at a time.


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