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bricolage project day 13 [jungle]

The book sitting closest to me this morning was The Poetry of Pablo Neruda so today’s word comes from that.  The word is jungle.  Such a vivid image gets conjured in my imagination with that word.  Shadows, panthers, scary things that might kill me.  Places unknown.

I don’t feel like writing today.  Just playing with art and being in my autumn cocoon so this will be short.   I took out my art stuff to play with and tinkered around with gesso, India ink, gold ink, pomegranate tea and the pomegranate that I’ve been using in various pieces over the past week.  There’s no real product, just various partial things that are drying.  I made a video of the tinkering which you can watch here.

There’s a quiet to this kind of creating that comforts me.  Like the comfort I felt this morning.  My daughter and I were nestled inside in the darkness.  I was sipping coffee while she ate breakfast.  In our tiny space that we share.  Where I do my art, where we eat, sleep, learn, and play together.  I lit candles to shush the darkness a bit but not too much.  I like things dark around the edges.  I read the Neruda poem Revolutions to her and she played the slam poetry video below for me which you must see and serves as our quote for the day.

There are many jungles. Many shadows. Many types of revolutions and such a need for the soft quiet of life sometimes.  Like today.

sometimes you just have to play
sometimes you just have to play

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