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one dash one one dash one one


Today was a day of new beginnings. All that ONE energy flying around must have been part of it. Cleansing old thought patterns happened early in the day through some meditation and writing and I felt the energy pulling me forward all day and realized that the intentions I’ve been setting of noticing more joy are working.

Joyous moments today included:

  • Being gifted with the blessing of my daughters showering me with love in the morning and later in the evening.
    Delivering my daughter’s clean underwear to her on my head this morning and reveling in her laughter.
  • Having a glorious, laughter-filled conversation with a friend who told me I was his Muse,told me my call turned his whole day around and asked if he could send me hand-written letters from NYC. Um. YES!
  • Receiving an email from another friend that just said, “I love you.” Sole purpose of communication was expressing love.
  • Filled my cupboards with fresh veggies and healthy protein and stayed warm all day which felt VERY good.
  • Had a friend send me a beautiful video filled with love and inspiration because she “thought I would like it”. Um. YES!
  • Got to experience the joy of bringing treats home to my kids and see their sweet faces light up.
  • The day is ending with the GLORIOUS snow you see up there!

The more I notice the joy in life, the more it seems to be trying to get my attention. Works for me.

Sending you some JOY on this day.

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