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the journey

the journey

In my travels yesterday, I happened upon this labyrinth and decided to walk it. I was stunned by the simplicity of this meditative act and felt grateful as my awareness deepened with every step. My mind began to unwind and my Spirit began to breathe more deeply.

With each step, I felt more free and alive. With each step, I heard “relax, it’s okay.” With each step, I realized that the only moment we have is this one and that it really is about the journey. My inner voice told me that it’s okay to stop and look around, notice the flowers and the cars passing or don’t. It’s a choice.

By the time I got to the middle, my heart was so open and quiet, I began to weep with joy and gratitude. I stood there for a few moments just resting and letting healing happen. I allowed the stillness and grace of the present moment and then turned to walk back.

As I walked, I felt really empty and present and suddenly realized there was a man sitting quietly watching me. I smiled and said hello. I asked him if he ever walked the path to which he replied, “Once, about twelve years ago.” I began the journey alone and ended it being greeted by a fellow traveler.

I looked up at the clouds moving in the sky and smelled the sweet, summer air before continuing on my way.

The journey is right here and I intend to enjoy and appreciate every moment of it.

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