Divine (Matrix) for Photo Friday

Divine Matrix
This is the place of creation, the matrix, the womb. It is woman. This is a mother’s stomach in its beauitful, natural state. I see a lot women today who seem to deny the roundness of their womb. I can’t help but wonder if this rejection of our natural form isn’t a rejection of the feminine face of the Divine. We all come from the dark mystery of the womb. Isn’t it time we venerate it?

This Divine Matrix belongs to my brave, bold and honest friend, Trina Willard, who had this to say about her experience being “naked” as an artist. Her willingness to be completely naked both physically, emotionally and artistically is deeply inspiring to me. When we all honor the truth of what is, we allow the Universe to expand to its fullest potential.

May each of us, regardless of our gender, remember to celebrate the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves.

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