Seconds of Pleasure

Erotic Pear
Erotic Pear

I have discovered a few things about myself recently. Here are little things that bring me Seconds of Pleasure (often more) and will always keep me coming back for more:

My lover holding the back of my head tight while he kisses me tenderly or cupping my face in his hands and moving his thumbs along my mouth, parting my lips slightly so he can insert his tongue. (these things, in fact, drive me insane with desire).

Having bruises all over my neck and shoulders from the night before. That little curve between the neck and shoulder in particular appreciates a lot of attention.

My lover making me a cup off coffee and a some eggs and serving them to me in bed. I always need protein and coffee first thing. Doing these two things will assure him more of what he got the night before.

Having my hair stroked lightly and tenderly then pulled. Oh my! I do love that.

The man in my life honoring the princess/maiden, queen/mother and fierce warrior goddess inside of me.

Dagoba Xocolatl bar with dark chocolate and chiles. You really must taste this to understand.

Patron Tequila. Oh my…I could write a sonnet about this stuff.

Fage Greek yogurt mixed with a bit of blackberry preserves. There can be only one and this is it.

Veggie corn dogs slathered with mustard. Can one ever consume too much mustard? I think not.

An afternoon date with myself in my bed under the covers. I’ll let you use your imagination to fill in the details.

Music by Tool or A Perfect Circle. I can’t get enough of these guys lately. They are so intense, write such intense lyrics and are brilliant musicians.

The poertry of my friend, Derrick Tyson. He is a seriously brilliant man and a fellow lovemonger.

A good, slow groove for makin’ love like Maxwell or old school Prince or some Trip Hop for making art.

What brings you seconds of pleasure?

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