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imagine sovereignty

No matter the election results tonight, tomorrow the sun will rise and children will go to school. We will feed our children and come together in community to support one another.

Adult men and women will fall in love and have sex as will men and men, women and women, and a variety of other interesting configurations of consensuality. Eggs will wait for sperm and one fantastic sperm will win the prize. Babies will be born (and some will die).

Wise men and women will lead us to the answers that lie in our own hearts and Gaia will hold us, feed us and teach us what we need to know as she always has. Herbs will grow and be used as medicine all over the land. (The very wise ones speak her language and know that Roe vs. Wade is a recent thing.)

This is an excellent time for perspective methinks. It’s an excellent time for surrender to what is while maintaining an awareness of our own chosen response (at least that’s my take on it).

If we find ourselves claiming that another person or situation is the reason we cannot sleep (or love or poop or whatever), the wise will remember how false this is.

We’re all in charge of our own energy systems.

John Lennon sang this but I prefer this version.

Imagine by A Perfect Circle on Grooveshark

It is my deep knowing that this reality is possible right now within our own hearts. My happiness is not held in the hands of the pontifs and puppeteers in the government nor is it held by my family, friends or lovers. It’s something I get to choose for myself every day. Personally, I do this with self-care, exercise, expression, community and oodles of love and communication. I ask for help when I need it and offer help when I can give it. I try every day to avoid shame and blame. (This is not easy.)

It’s hard work to claim sovereignty over our lives but worth it. For the record, by sovereignty, I don’t mean independence. I mean choice. We are a beautifully complex, interdependent living organism and can’t survive alone. Hell, I wouldn’t want to!

Whomever ends up as president, I will always be my own Queen.

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