Feminine for Photo Friday

Grrl Power
Goddess-in-training, Gigi, weilding her feminine power.

The concept of “feminine” is an interesting one to me. What we perceive as feminine, especially in American culture, is often some kind of boxed-in, pale, sliver of femininity. Pink or feminine somehow denotes weak and helpless to some. It’s like when men insult other men by calling them a “pussy”. After giving birth to a baby, I can vouch that my pussy is far from weak. I challenge these assumptions and this kind of vernacular being used. It doesn’t honor the wholeness of a human being, whether male or female.

I have girls and try to raise them with a balanced sense of male and female energy. I believe that we are in the process of unifying opposites in our world in ourselves. By learning to incorporate all energies, we can find wholeness.

By each of us honoring the “Sword” and the “Chalice” in ourselves and one another, we can bring Tikkun Olam to this precious universe.

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