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the power of NO

An authentic NO is the best possible force in moving one’s life forward.

We often say yes because we want people to like us. We are afraid to say NO because we don’t want to hear NO.

Say it anyway.

In order to know what we want to say YES to, we need to learn what we need to say NO to.

Things I’ve said discovered by saying NO:

Who my real friends are.
What a good friend I can be to myself.
What I really need in life (which frankly, is very little).

The biggest thing I have learned is that if I cannot say NO to someone without them getting angry, calling me names or threatening me, I am much better off without them.

If YES is the juice of life, NO is the container we pour it in.
If YES is the fruit of life, NO is the knife we use to cut away the inedible parts.

Say it. Mean it. Own it.

Want a great way to suss out the crazy and learn how to address your own core needs? Consider reading “Emotional Bullshit” by Carl Alasko. It has changed my life.

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