meet kickassiana
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Meet Kickassiana: Defender of Truth, Champion of Love

meet kickassiana

I recently decided I would create a new superhero alter ego to ring in attributes to carry with me into 2011. I wanted her to embody aspects of the Goddesses Athena (wisdom and aiding warriors in making wise choices that will eventually lead to victory) and Aphrodite (love, beauty and sexuality) as well as Wonder Woman (truth, tactical warfare and connection to animals). My friend Kevin said I should probably have the word kickass in there so there you have it: Kickassiana: Defender of Truth, Champion of Love

I found this great superhero builder on Marvel’s website for the image. It was fun to design her.

Her chest is nearly bare to show her courage and open-heartedness.

She loves her body and her breasts and delights in her own flesh and shares it with whomever is courageous enough to live their truth and stand by her in the Light.

She carries a sword to represent Truth and Freedom and the wisdom of discernment.

She wears a Phoenix to represent the constant cycle of death and rebirth that comes with the deep transformation that made her who she is.

She is a champion of Love and comes to help with the war of the human heart.

Rather than showing her with an owl, I decided to make her a winged creature. I feel very aligned with Crow medicine which represents spiritual law and calling out the Truth so she could be considered either a dark angel or a shapeshifter. Either way, she is a creature who lives in two worlds.

She is fierce but vulnerable.

She is wise.

She is compassionate.

She is the best of me.

She would love to meet you.

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