The Siren Call of the Sacred Feminine


She calls to me. She who is weary of living far beneath, her voice stolen by fear, her power subjugated by the will of others. I took this picture of my daughter and was captivated by the presence in her eyes. The sense of self here is a reflection of the Divine Feminine that lives inside of me. That wants to be heard.

Read about The Little Mermaid archetype and let it inform you. Whether male or female, consider where the voice and face and presence of the Mother fits into your life, your experience.

I desire this union, this integration of opposites. I think on some level we all do. What I know for sure is that I am not going to find it outside of myself. The journey begins here, in the now.

I hear the Siren’s call and I will no longer ignore it for it pierces my heart with it’s poignant urgency.

I’m listening.

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