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to write love


As a celebration of National Poetry Month, I am going through my own poetry and getting it ready for publication as so many of my friends and fans have encouraged me to do. (Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!)

I am also celebrating some of my favorite poets here on ye old blog. I was introduced to this poet, Anis Mojgani, when I took a performance poetry class with Daemond Arrindell at Freehold Theatre.

His poem, “Shake the Dust” is beautiful and so honoring of life and is also a fabulous call to action. Give it a listen.

The shirt I’m wearing in that photo says, “To Write Love On Her Arms”. I got it at a thrift store and didn’t know the story behind it until one of my friends told me. As I was searching for this poem to share here, I found it on TWLOHA’s youtube channel. Apparently I was suppose to share that organization’s vision today. (It’s really beautiful.)

Yay for life’s little mysteries, poets and self-expression! Yay for love!

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