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A formula for transmutation from Sandra Ingerman’s CD “Miracles for the Earth” which I highly recommend:

intention + harmony + love + concentration + focus + union + imagination = transmutation.

She also gives a quote from Carolyn Casey that is just fabulous:

“Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to drive down.”

The imagination is rich with healing and creativity. The idea is to be very clear and focused on where we lay those tracks. Good stuff to ponder as the Wheel of Life turns and stake a claim for the goodness that is ours to claim.

With more clarity than I have ever known, I see how much I have kept myself from harmony by holding on to the past or to situations that have hurt me (a recurring theme here in Kymberleeland, I know). With every moment that passes, I have less desire to dwell there. Holding on to what was or the ever-so-destructive what “might have been” be has kept me from dwelling in the place of imagination–of open possibility.

So. Imagination = IMAGE-IN-NATION.

OUT with the static compartmentalization (or mental compartment nation. bleh) and IN with the rich, juicy new life of present moment awareness, creation, love, harmony and all the goodness that is indeed mine to claim.

Fuck yeah.

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