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what i love…


Last winter, I was leading writing workshops in a women’s homeless shelter.   I was going through some papers recently and found this free write I did with the women using the prompt, “What I love about myself”.  I wrote this on 1/9/15 and decided to post it because it feels good to read it.  I like feeling good.

What I love about myself is my smile, so frequent and genuine.

I love the thunderous laughter that comes in waves and echoes in my children’s hearts.

I love the way I can get through life with panache and tenacity.

I love my vibrancy and the color I carry in my interior.

My pretty toes are terribly lovable.

I love what a good mother I am and how my kids love to spend time with me.

I love my remarkably blue eyes both for their beauty and the way they see life clearly and deeply.

I love my trusting nature despite the fact that it’s gotten me into trouble.

I love how well I sleep and how I can feel so comfortable in different situations.

I also love my ability to create and express myself so fluidly.

I love my Spirit.


Consider trying this prompt, dear reader.   It’s good to celebrate ourselves.

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