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All Transcripts for Unbridled Expression with Kymberlee della Luce Podcast

Please find (and enjoy!) transcripts for all current episodes of the Unbridled Expression with Kymberlee della Luce podcast!

Newer transcripts will be added as they are published and will also be listed under the site topic Unbridled Expression with Kymberlee della Luce transcripts.

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These are transcribed with a combination of AI and my cute fingertips so please allow for a margin of error. 🙂


Before you partake, please read the below, which applies to every transcript.

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#1 Welcome to the Unbridled Expression with Kymberlee della Luce Podcast!

#2 Challenging Bro Culture and Other Tools

#3 Transformative Obstacles, Collective Care and Singing the Blues

#4 Release Pain and Suffering Through Embracing the Color Purple

#5 The Value of Poetry as Protest and Ending Cultural Gaslighting

#6 Stop Killing Mothers in 2022 (and beyond)

Unbridled Expression with Kymberlee della Luce is designed to stimulate and entertain you. Chocked full of thoughts, stories, questions, and advice on topics including everything from creativity, culture and relationships to the experience of being an unbridled woman and artist, it’s intimate, raw, and decidedly unbridled. New episodes every Wednesday (because, Mercury). Kymberlee truly hopes it ends up on your Spotify wrapped as your favorite podcast. Feel to reach out to her on Twitter or drop a comment below. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, visit this page.

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