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visual journaling surprise

Took a nice walk in the rain with my friend the other day and played with visual journaling at the KEXP Gathering Space. It was fun to spread out magazines and supplies, watch the disco ball (!!) spinning, and watch what came up which was this little visual journaling surprise!

Making fun of capitalism is one of my favorite parts of collaging due to the nature of advertising. There was an ad with a womxn dressed in yoga clothes with a bunch of jewelry on. I still don’t know what the ad was actually for but I got a laugh from my friend a random dude sitting next to us so that was a win for me.

I think this little entry was one of all-time favorite mini-collages. Art-making makes me happy. Fortunately, I’ll be doing even more of it since my daughter got me a bunch of canvases for the Solstice and I won $100 from Dick Blick! My order will arrive next week. SQUEE! 🦄✨

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What about you? Making any art in 2020? Drop a comment below. I’d love to hear about it.


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