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Please enjoy this transcript from my first podcast! I use a combination of AI and my own fingertips to to create these so the transcripts may contain a few typos, FYI. Enjoy!

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Kymberlee della Luce:

This is Unbridled Expression and i’m your host Kymberlee della Luce.  Every Wednesday we talk about art, culture, creativity, and whatever else we’re curious about thanks for listening and if you like it please do subscribe and share.

Okay so let’s just get to it. I figured the first episode out– welcome by the way welcome to episode one of Unbridled Expression again i’m your host Kymberlee della Luce and it seems as though it might be a good idea to talk about why i’m doing this.  Honestly, I feel like we need a whole lot more stories from the margins do you know like we need to just get together and hang out and such.

So i’m going to start with this poem that i wrote a few years ago.  I was the Frye Art Museum in Seattle drinking in the “Moment Magnitude” exhibit.  I wrote some pages in my journal and just sort of picked up random things i overheard people saying snippets from the art descriptions or the videos and my own feelings and thoughts that arose i also took some pictures and that kind of thing and when i was done i put it all together —all these little snippets and i wrote this poem and i feel like that’s my— i just would like to say that’s my intention for this show.

 My intention for the show is for it to be kind of a collage of all the things that are happening and a place to talk about it um i hope to have guests uh to interview and, let me let me put it this way i intend to have guests to interview uh and also you know share my own thoughts um and you know kind of just what’s coming up that’s why it’s called Unbridled Expression all right so here’s the poem:

we are not
an equation with limitations
we are relative strength

in bold, gold letters sewn
to a leather vest
(glittering in the sunlight)

in constant transformation
marvelous moments

we are not sensible, tame
or constrained
(more a movement)

we are celebrating
the exceptional
nursing our babies
sharing a meal
fucking under the stars
heads thrown back

we are
floating light
with deep roots
walking contradictions
and soul signatures
(more a movement)

So if that resonates with you, you will probably really like this.  I want to talk also a little bit about uh culture, like just kind of what’s going on in this podcast.  So we’ll start with recently um we my family and i have been watching “Dickinson” which uh if you haven’t seen it it’s fabulous um it’s about Emily Dickinson.  It’s got— it’s almost like a visual poem you know like there’s this great music and it’s like all really the music’s really modern but the costumes are from the era and uh it’s very feminist and very yeah it’s uh it’s like a lot of what i’m talking about it’s funny though because Emily Dickinson’s family was pretty privileged they had a lot of white privilege and they really call that out.  I’ts very experimental on the show and i realized that if i talk about this and you haven’t seen the episode it’s going to be a spoiler so hmm…

I guess i’d just like to say that the show really explores voices from various places especially voices of women um that you know are that create kind of cognitive dissonance as you head into watching the show that was set uh in the you know during the civil war era in the united states but is really um they just take everything and flip it um so that you get this experience of constantly questioning what you’re seeing which i love and uh, and that’s what i hope to do.  I hope to help myself and anyone who chooses to listen to this show um to sort of see things differently to look at things from different angles to see how things mash up and where we we come together where ideas come together where they diverge um it’s just kind of a way of exploring the intersections of things and the complexity because what i’m noticing right now is there’s a lot of reductiveness um which just doesn’t really help you know like when we reduce someone or something down it has the potential to be dangerous.

Like we when we reduce people we dehumanize them when we when we don’t see the full spectrum of a person or a group of people we can we do ourselves a disservice and we do them in disservice because we have so much to learn from one another in this beautiful whole system that we’re in .  So yeah i suppose um on some level some of this is going to be a little soap boxy from me you know uh i’m spending my time doing this and i i’m going to get on my soapbox every now and again but mostly i’m just really curious i’m curious about the process i’ve never done a podcast before and i’m i’m curious about who wants to listen so if that’s you thanks for being here.

So i want to read a quote from Paulo Freire  (I hope i’m saying that right) uh it is from the Pedagogy of the Oppressed.  He says, “The more radical the person is the more fully he or she enters into reality so that knowing it better he or she can transform it this individual is not afraid to confront to listen to see the world unveiled this person is not afraid to meet the people or to enter into a dialogue with them this person does not consider himself or herself the proprietor of history or of all people or the liberator of the oppressed but he or she does commit himself or herself within history to fight at their side.”

This episode is mostly an introduction and also an invitation, an invitation into the conversation that we’re that we can have together um an invitation to connect over ideas and to get more innovative and juicy and connected with one another uh i’m really excited i’m excited to do this and um not really sure where it’s going but excited to be on this journey and i’m really glad that you came along for the ride i uh i don’t know i guess we’ll see huh?

All right well thanks again for being here and um i’ll see you next Wednesday.

Unbridled Expression with Kymberlee della Luce is designed to stimulate and entertain you. Chocked full of thoughts, stories, questions, and advice on topics including everything from creativity, culture and relationships to the experience of being an unbridled woman and artist, it’s intimate, raw, and decidedly unbridled. New episodes every Wednesday (because, Mercury). Kymberlee truly hopes it ends up on your Spotify wrapped as your favorite podcast. Feel to reach out to her on Twitter or drop a comment below. To listen to any of the past episodes for free, visit this page.

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