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bullies, beauty and blessings

Such a wonderful example of someone working through their own issues through self-expression. He realized he had been a bully and transmuted that energy into something beautiful.

I was recently cyber-bullied. I have been bullied other times in my life–sometimes by people who claim to love me. I have also stood up to bullies on the behalf of others and on my own behalf. Standing up is part of the equation.

The other part is to find your way to seeing your own beauty, as this poet suggests. To see that no matter who you are or what you’ve done, no matter if you fit society’s standard of beauty or society’s expectations in general, no matter WHAT, you have beauty. You deserve respect, dignity, grace, goodness and love because you are YOU. You needn’t earn it or work for it. You are simply worthy of love and goodness.

The best way to live, in my experience, is to live without the need for the approval of others. It’s a game-changer because you realize how much what comes out of someone’s mouth really is how they see the world and does not define you.

May your heart be as filled with gladness and appreciation when you see this video as mine was and may the blessings that are meant for you come to you with ease and grace.

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