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cheese, accountability and balance

Recently, I mentioned something casually about how I rant. Gigi said, “Yeah you do!”

This gave me pause. I decided to talk to the girls and ask them what I rant about. They both said, “People.”

I realized that sometimes I do rant about people that are bugging me at times when I feel powerless. I told my girls that I don’t want to do that because it’s not respectful and not who I want to be. I asked if they would help me become more self-aware and accountable by saying a code word when I start to rant.

We agreed on the word CHEESE. (I know, hilarious.)

I have been ranting far less and have been doing a lot more checking in about what’s bothering me and then addressing the core issue either within myself or with the person about whom I would have been ranting.

I have only heard CHEESE twice in the three weeks since we made this agreement. We are talking about other things now and my heart feels more open and fluid. I feel more empowered. I feel more honorable.

Sometimes I don’t like the reflections I get but I’m always willing to look in the mirror and I’m proud of that. It feels good to honest with myself; I feel more balanced and noble.

As for cheese, I’d rather have a glass of red wine with some Comte.

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