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Fierce Alice

what do you mean by that, anyway?
(i mean exactly what i said. there is nothing hidden here)

why do you have to question everything?
(because things need questioned)

can’t you ever just be satisfied?
(sure, but not with everything and not right now)

maybe you’re in this situation because of the choices you’ve made. i don’t know, it’s a thought.
(or maybe we live in a world that is unjust and the balance of power needs to shift)

maybe it’s the way you say it–the passion in your voice–that makes people have a hard time hearing you.
(or maybe they (you) don’t like being challenged or can’t find their (your) own passion)

you really should tone it down a bit
(really? why is that exactly?)

who do you think you are?

who am i?

I am a Woman.
I am an Artist.
I am a Sculptor of Culture
I am a Soul on a Journey.
I am Crow cawing the Law of Spirit
I am Speaker of Truth.
I am Questioner of Authority.
I am a Spiritual Warrior.

I am not you.
(Deal with it.)
(Or maybe, just maybe, I’m the part of you that you reject.)

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