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Imagine what it would feel like to live in a culture where there wasn’t so much self-loathing? What is that even like?

I am incredibly weary of so much of this:

“bah humbug”
“we suck”
“we’re destroying the planet”
“life sucks”
“fuck the man”
“the world is going to shit”
“the holidays have turned into something ugly”

Look for the craptastica of life and you’ll surely find it. Look for the good and, well, you know…

How about this instead?:

  • The sun both rose and set today. (It was also quite beautiful in Seattle.)d
  • Love is always present if you look for it and especially if you give it.
  • Evergreen trees covered in lights look and and smell amazing.
  • Making a list of cool stuff you want is fun even if you don’t believe in Santa or Christmas or consumerism. It can just be fun to dream and imagine.
  • Spending time with people is the best gift we can give. Listening costs nothing.
  • Frost in the morning looks like the world is covered in sugar.
  • You can buy fat free yogurt that is rich and creamy and is loaded with protein. I think that’s worth mentioning.
  • Dancing also costs nothing and calls the spirit home.
  • Smiling feels really good. It’s also free.
  • Hey, when all else fails, our hands reach our genitals. 😉
  • Note: None of those things are destroying the planet or hurting others.

    Do what you will. Personally, I intend to enJOY myself.

    Happy Holidays/Holy Days/Holly Daze!


    I made my very own gingerbread house. It was fun.

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