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life is messy. play anyway.

Hello Lovely Readers!

I am seeing a lot of people feeling lost these days. Life has been getting messy and unraveling and joy gets lost along the way. My work as an intuitive coach and expressive arts practitioner and my journey as a soul in the life have taught me to bless the mess. I’ve learned that the treasures in life are often hidden in the messes we make and most especially by turning deep within through finding our way to relaxed presence and self-love.

Choosing to keep going, to play anyway and to consciously create life is where it’s at. Since I have a lot of tools and experience with this, I have decided to share these gifts in a way I’m really excited about.

As a way to bring my teaching work out to more people, I’ve created an online play group called life is messy. play anyway.

I wanted to make this work really accessible and affordable so I’ve kept the cost down. Membership is only $4.99 a month for weekly offerings.

Here’s what you can expect from this weekly play group:

  • A 30 minute audio including a guided meditation to listen to at your leisure. New audio each week.
  • Inspiring stories, photos and quotes and other goodies.
  • Downloadable weekly play sheet with writing and creativity prompts to keep you motivated and creating.
  • Downloadable affirmation card.
  • A supportive community of like-minded souls to bear witness to your journey.
  • You receive weekly offerings. Register here to get started.

    Let’s start weaving playfulness and joy into life together.

    I hope you’ll join me. Also, would you be willing to help spread the word by sharing with friends through email, facebook and twitter? Thanks so much for your support these past many years. I am grateful.

    Feel free to bookmark my new Daily Inspiration Blog. While I will still write about my art and my journey here, there’s a daily dose of juicy inspiration here.

    Playful, loving blessings!


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