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falling together

what lies ahead

“Some things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
~Marilyn Monroe

I had a dream that I was the Queen of Wands. Walking with great purpose into the darkness with my torch burning brightly, I offered Light to whomever needed it. I was strong but young and a bit foolish.

Sometimes, I would forget my Source, and my light would dim. The darkness nearly crushed me and the predators stalked me, taking what they could get and getting stronger then leaving me alone in the darkness. During this time of darkness, many things died and fell apart. Sorrow filled my heart and the land around me.

In this dream, as I was in the darkness alone, I began to imagine that the Light was so strong, nothing could dim it and that it was so abundant, there was plenty for all. The more time I spent alone connecting to this Source of Light, the stronger I became and the brighter became the Light.

The Light blazed strong and burned away all the pain, all the fear and all the layers of deadness and illusion that had grown over my true being.

The darkness was gone and I was surrounded by a luminous green field with wildflowers. I found myself standing tall, bedecked in full regalia with a path stretching out before me. I was beckoned to go forth onto the path with no destination but with unseen hands guiding my every step.

As I walked, I held the wand of blazing Light with a truer sense of purpose than I had ever known. The land around me jumped to life. Trees sprouted new leaves, flowers blushed with new color, and the water ran clean and clear.

As I followed the curve of the path, I saw a cherry tree filled with glorious, pink blossoms. It looked like a good place to rest for a moment. As I closed my eyes and let the tree hold my body, a shower of cherry blossoms rained down and kissed my face like a whisper. I rested there with great delight and peace in my heart.

I felt a presence before me so I opened my eyes to see. Before me stood a tall man in full regalia. He, too, held a wand of great Light in his hand that blazed brightly. The sun was behind him and gave the appearance of a halo around his head. He was beautiful and was looking at me with amusement and deep love. He reached down, touching my face softly and brushed each blossom from my face then pulled me up to stand before him. I knew he was my King and, as he pulled me close to his heart, our wands touched, blazing so brightly, everything was bathed in white Light.

As we fell together and made love under the Tree of Life, with blossoms cascading all around us, the fabric of my being shifted and the world became even more beautiful.

We were together thereafter. Wherever we walked on the path, our Lights blazing brightly, children laughed and everything around us danced. As we sang, Light poured out of our mouths and into the hearts of all. The world joined us in song as we cooked and loved and built together.

In this dream, a great sense of purpose and belonging filled the hearts of the people, and many things began to fall together in peace and unity. We never again forgot our Source and our days were happy.

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