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Spring Collage

the fabric of a morning of just noticing

It feels so nice to just lay in bed and bask in the space between and listen to birdsong.
Running late isn’t an emergency
My daughter’s hand feels so sweet in mine.
If I couldn’t find a way to make people smile, I would rather not live (which means people need to frown and glower sometimes).
I love spaciousness.
The anticipation of seeing someone special is delicious.
Working out first thing in the morning is fabulous.
Time flies beautifully when I’m having fun.
I am happier when I’m speaking my truth (and living it).
I love being a girl and playing dress up.
Life would be dead without music.
I truly enjoy my own company.
Humanity is truly beautiful in its complexity.

My morning walk brought:

life force
the beauty of a snail shell next to a blooming crocus
the vision of random used sidewalk condoms
luscious smells of life
cat paw softness of spring buds
the sun flirting with me from behind the clouds

And that brings me to now. I just got to my favorite coffee shop where I was greeted on the sidewalk by the scent of coffee that filled me up then greeted by Dora, my favorite barista, who called out, “Norm” (cuz I’m a regular and it’s our little joke) (and that will only make sense to you if you’ve seen the show “Cheers”).

It’s only 10:13. I wonder what other wonder the day will bring?

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