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precious moments of grace


Precious moments of grace today:

A homemade flower from my girl.
A warm hug and deeply sincere “I love you” from my other girl.
Warm wishes and thoughts from friends.
A call from mom to check in and tell me she loves me.
Time to write. Time to breathe.
Making homemade soup and corn muffins for the family and feeding them on a cold, wintry day.
Staying in my jammies all day.
A wonderful conversation with an old soul and kindred spirit.
Feeling held and supported in my life.
Speaking truth even though it was hard.
Letting myself cry when I felt hurt.
Reading Taran Wanderer to Gigi and drinking in her excitement.
Both giving and receiving the gift of supportive friendship.
Drinking a luxurious, sensual cup of coffee.
Being alive and strong and breathing.

I am a blessed woman and I know it.

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