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IMG_4314I lead a writing workshop at a local shelter for homeless women.  I usually come prepared with prompts but this last Friday, I didn’t.  I felt like being spontaneous.  I picked up the supplies at the front desk and went to the activity room.  One of the women asked for the green notebook to write in because green is the color of money.  She said she wanted to change her relationship to money because she always feels so tight inside about it.  I said, “Let’s use green as our prompt.”   Here’s what came up for me with that prompt:

Green is verdant life force

filling and spilling.

Green is wick–turgid springtime.  Pan.

Grass is green in the summer.  Rolling hills and

lush beauty for pleasure and picnics.

The vining and pushing up from the dark cold earth to reach the sun is green.

Sun-kissed cheeks in spring air and trilling laughter.

(blowing bubbles in the sunlight)

Green is swollen stems of tulips, strong and able

to support bursting, tender petals.

Green is source energy.



moving to and through

and all around–

Green is open and alive



Green is not on our flag but it is in our pockets

and in our currency.

Current.  Flowing.  Life.

After we shared our writing, we talked about the idea of currency and how  money and greed aren’t the same thing.   If we allow ourselves to flow with life and resources to flow through and to use–to embrace the currents of life, we are provided for.  Even in my more desperate times, this has always been true.  I only need to remember and allow it.

It’s good to remember that part of that currency is sharing our own gifts and other resources.  I share this story in that spirit.

Blessed be the green, the wick, the aching, turgid river flowing to and through everything.



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