I Dance "Alone" for Illustration Friday

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When all your desires are distilled
You will cast just two votes:

To love more,
And be happy.

Take the sounds from the mouth-flute of Hafiz
And mix them into your seed pouch.

And when the Moon says,
“It is time to

Why not dance,
Dance and

(Excerpted from “Your Seed Pouch” by Hafiz/Landinsky)

My husband and I are getting a divorce. It has been a long, slow process of separation for which my Spirit has been calling for a long time. When I was dancing to “Express Yourself” by Salt-n-Pepa today, my 39th birthday, I felt this sense of freedom and lightness and knew immediately how I could illustrate the topic “Alone”. I’m so ready to embark on this new leg of my journey.

May we all listen to the song in our hearts and find the courage to dance alone.

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