Hand for EDMG Challenge

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I felt very intimidated by this challenge. Still honing my skills with no formal training means letting go. This seems to be a theme in my life. So I did. I let go of needing it to look a certain way. I did it quick and stopped beating myself up. I decided part of the letting go process was to position it as on open hand. We can’t hold on tight to something with an open hand. It can rest there gently, free to go if it needs to. I’m trying to apply this principle to my life. Judgement feels like a white-knuckled fist to me. Compassion is held in my open heart with my palms open. No belief, thought, being or weapon held tightly. Just love, freedom and grace.

I have a friend who was being charged by a herd of Rhinos in Africa. There was no place to hide and no weapon to draw. My friend stood in front of his group with his arms, palms and heart open like Saint Francis would have done. The wild rhinos stopped just short of this group of unarmed people, looked at them for a few minutes then walked away. Love is a powerful thing.

May we all keep our palms and hearts open like Saint Francis of Assisi and may we remember that compassion starts from within – with loving ourselves.

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