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will you join me in becoming a super hero in 2011?

It’s the year of the Super Hero. My friend, Aaron Dietz, wrote his book Super.

My friend Trin Miller is starring in The Dirty Do Gooders web series (See above.) (You can see my daughter Alexandra get killed in the opening scene.)

Real Life Super Heroes roam the streets doing good.

As we move into a new year, I consider what other super hero alter ego I might integrate other than the fabulous and oh-so-succulent Super Pussy.

I am going to spend some time creating her. I think she’ll be a mash up of the Goddesses Athena and Aphrodite and Wonder Woman. Come back and look for some multi-media representation of Her. [updated: Here it is!]

What about you? What powers will you use in service to the Greater Good in the year to come? Draw it out! Paint it out! Write it out then share it here! I want to know. xoxo ~Super K

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